Discover the Alternative Finance approach to SME investment and funding

AltFin | Alternative Finance Funds is an asset manager of alternative SME debt for institutional investors, offering SME loans for institutional investors via AltFin managed investment funds. This way, financing of SMEs becomes an attractive alternative asset class for institutional investors and an equally attractive, more accessible alternative funding source for SMEs.

We believe entrepreneurship is vital to the economy and deserves a better alternative in finance and funding. Through our approach, both sides benefit. Alternative finance sources make SMEs less dependent on the banking system, which in turn supports the development of a more robust and sustainable financial system.



  • SME loans for businesses in the Netherlands and Benelux
  • Loan size indicative between EUR 500k – 3m for growth plans of proven businesses
  • Subject to compliance with risk and other requirements, including approval by Credit/Investment Committee
  • Sourced via AltFin’s partners

Institutional Investors such as pension funds and insurance companies

  • Interested to invest in SME loans as alternative asset class
  • Via funds or dedicated managed accounts
  • Managed within agreed risk/return parameters and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) requirements
  • In close cooperation with partners such as lending platforms and fintech services (end-to-end assurance by AltFin)

Institutional investors: mail

AltFin B.V. is registered with AFM, the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets, as manager of Alternative Investment Funds under the AIFMD ‘light’ regime.

ESG statement:

  • AltFin and its investment activity qualify as article 6 activity under SFDR
  • AltFin’s product (AltFin Bedrijfshypotheek) is a ‘grey’ product
  • AltFin has the intention to, in close alignment with its investors, further develop a sustainability supporting investment activity

Through our funds and investments we:

  • give SMEs better access to finance
  • apply the ESG and sustainability criteria required by our investors
  • assess positively SMEs who demonstrate positive sustainability, ESG and climate impact
  • subscribe to the NVB’s Netherlands Code of Conduct Small Business Lending and SMFs ‘Gedragscode MKB financiers’.


AltFin’s team has extensive experience and a proven track-record in the areas of:

  • Managing large SME loan portfolios from end-to-end
    (origination, decision, execution, portfolio management)
  • Asset and investment management roles
  • General management of financial institutions
  • Fund structuring
  • Marketplace lending platforms and fintech services
  • Asset management of SME loan portfolios for institutional investors

Credit/Investment Committee

Credit/investment committees are in accordance with agreed terms & conditions and will include one or two managing partners and if required: independent senior credit professionals. Decisions are made on the basis of risk analyses and proposals prepared by the AltFin team.


AltFin’s governance includes a Supervisory Board that supervises and advises the management of AltFin. The Supervisory Board consists of senior professionals with a background in asset management and risk management.

Supervisory board members:

Maarten Klessens (non-executive director NatWest Markets N.V.; ex-ABN AMRO Bank)

Maarten Koopman (co-founder and supervisory board member of DIF Capital Partners)

Jeannette Franken (partner / founder BeCore Governance, Evaluation & Leadership)

Online fintech SME loan servicing platform

Financial technology for SME finance

Fund administration and depositary

Recovery and credit management

Credit guarantee for SMEs – BMKB

verschillende MKB advies organisaties

Founder Machiel Altfin

Machiel Jansen Schoonhoven

Co Founder | In het banklandschap sinds 1986

“AltFin verbindt MKB-financiering met institutionele investeerders en helpt hen groeien door middel van alternatieve financiering.”


ABN AMRO, Rabobank en NIBC (Nederland, Europa en Azië)


Corporate en investment banking, bank management, kredietverlening, M&A, asset management, FinTech integraties en oplossingen.

Leuk weetje

Machiel initieerde en ondersteunde de start van twee corporate debt fondsen bij NIBC voor ABP (NPEX Ondernemersfonds) en P&V/Vivium Insurance

Maarten Kolf

Maarten Kolff

Co Founder | In het banklandschap sinds 1989

“AltFin gebruikt jarenlange deskundigheid en ervaring met FinTech-oplossingen om snelle, betrouwbare en berekenbare kredietproducten te leveren.”


Robeco, ABN AMRO en oprichting van de CCQ Ondernemersdesk voor MKB-financiering


Vermogensbeheer, structurering en risicomanagement

Leuk weetje

Maarten was recent partner bij CPI, adviseurs in risico, finance en governance en was betrokken bij een financieringsmaatschappij voor horeca samen met Heineken.